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    DQ670W motherboard gives 1 beep but screen is blank. Is Mobo dead?


      Hi, I'm running a DQ670W motherboard with a i5 3470 cpu. I have 2x2gb 1333Mhz ddr3 Hyperam and a 4gb 1333Mhz ddr3 Transcend. I tried each ram stick separately and all I get is a single beep but no screen display. BLANK!


      I have tested 2 monitors and my TV, same result. Blank!

      I have cleared the CMOS, moved the jumper pin, unplugged the PSU. NOTHING!

      I have connected monitors directly to mobo to get BIOS, NOTHING!

      One monitor has VGA and the other DVI output. Blank! No screen


      Is motherboard busted?


      PLEASE HELP!!!!