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    i7-7700hq cant oc while i7-4710hq can


      hi everyone


      i have 2 laptops one with the i7-4710HQ that normaly runs at 3.5GHZ but i overclocked it in the Intel extreme tuning utility to 3.7GHZ that is a nice 0.2GHZ extra

      but since that thing broke its lid i bought another one that has a i7-7700HQ CPU in it, so i was like lets OC it from the 3.8GHZ to idk 3.9 or 4.0+GHZ using the same software.

      but no the multipliers are grayed out, now i know it are not unlocked K CPU's but i want to know why can i do it on the old hardware but not on the new stuff?


      did i mis something?

      does anyone know why i can OC the old one?





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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello odo12341,

          Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

          I understand you were able to overclock the Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ Processor on your old laptop. 
          Based on the documentation for both processors, they are locked units, the fact you were able to overclock the old processor was due to different BIOS settings.
          I would recommend contacting the system manufacturer (Lenovo, HP, Dell, etc.) to check if there are any settings in the BIOS you can change to be able to overclock the processor.
          Bear in mind that overclocking a processor may cause system instability and voids the warranty of the product.

          I hope this helps.

          Best Regards,
          Juan V.