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    New Extreme Edition Processors and RealSense


      Hi everyone,


      You may be aware that a new Extreme Edition processor range has been announced.  The chips come in Skylake and Kaby Lake architecture, referred to as Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X.  The 'i' speed value goes up to 'i9' in this new range.


      The chips come in a variety of core numbers to support all budgets, from 4 cores up to a huge 18 cores.  The Skylake-X processors are the most powerful chips, whilst the Kaby Lake-X is the value-price chip with 4 cores.


      Intel Core i9-7980XE 18-Core Processor Headlines Beastly Skylake And Kaby Lake Core X-Series | HotHardware


      In February 2017, Intel support member Yermi confirmed that the X Series chips would be compatible with RealSense cameras.


      Re: Intel RealSense and the upcoming latest enthusiast Intel processors that will likely have no on-board graphics...


      Edit: in further chip news, it has been reported by Intel that the 8th generation Coffee Lake CPUs coming this year will have a 30% performance increase over the 7th generation Kaby Lake.