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    Problems with SSD and m.2 drives




      Firstable, sorry about my bad english


      I have the NUC 6i3SYH.

      First i have mounted a SSD SATA Drive (Kinsgton V300), with Windows 10 and it worked well. After that, I bougth a SSD m.2 Intel 600p 128 Gb, and when i run Windows 10, with both drives mounted, Windows fail. It seems like freeze and i have to reset the NUC. In this case, Windows is installed in m.2 Intel 600p drive.

      If I dissassembly the SSD SATA unit, the m.2 with Windows, works well. The issue is that I cant use the NUC with both drives installed.  Now I´m using only m.2 drive with the Kinsgton SATA drive dissassembly.