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    Lost a micro sd card INSIDE the stick


      Is there a way to open these things up?


      Basically everything works fine so I can still use the stick with no problems, however, I tried inserting a micro sd card.  It went in pretty easy and I found out that it was in wrong.  So I tried to pull it out, however it basically pushed the card inside the machine.  So now there's no way to recover the micro sd card except if I can open it.  By looking at it there's no way to open it, but was hoping it could be opened.


      It's an STK1AW32SC -- windows 10 pre-installed.


      AGAIN the computer works fine, but now there's a lose micro sd card rattling around inside the stick, and no visible means of extracting it. (It's all the way in too you can't even see it... and can hear it rattle).



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          I looked very closely at the various ICS (I have samples of all models) and, if someone had asked me, I would have (wrongly, obviously) said it was impossible to insert a card missing the uSD connector.


          The good news is that the ICS can indeed be opened. There is a big "but" here, however. The unit was not designed or meant to be opened and you likely will be voiding your warranty in the process. As well, it is a very, very delicate operation (the "lid" is only ~1mm thick) and you could end up damaging the device. I have done this - but I did so on already-dead FC and SC units - so I don't know if I damaged them during the process. If you want to continue, don't blame me if something goes wrong...


          Ok, with the fan opening facing upwards and the HDMI connector facing away from you, look closely at the opposite end. You should see a crack close to and running parallel to the top. You can pry open along this crack (I used an exacto knife) and then down both sides of the unit. You should not have to lift this end very far to access this errant uSD card. If you have to pry up more that half way along the unit (or if you want to remove this cover completely), be very careful of the fine gauge wires for the fan, as well as the connector tabs, at/near the opposite (HDMI connector) end.


          Hope this helps,


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            Hello Uhfgood,
            Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
            N. Scott Pearson is right the unit was not made to be open, you can try his recommendation but it will be under your own responsibility.
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