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    Problem with Intel dynamic platform and termal platform setting on i5-3317u


      fter few ( 2 ) reinstalation of windows i noticed one bug that does not go away and seem hardware related.


      in windows in power setting on  Intel dynamic platform and termal platform setting there is constant (reinstal proof) glitch.

      when procesor is seted on 1GHZ (14w) it is running full blast with fq boost and everything. When  it  is set on 1,7ghz(17w) it is runing clearly on powersaving mode.

      look on http://prntscr.com/fcy1df  ( and note this is runng full blast)


      I just want to confirm that special registry that is windows setting with its kernel is flipped around (and demaged HW and it is not caused by sw) is there  tool how to proof it? ( and procesor identification utility is useless)


      I suspect my old laptop charger as cause of this ( it had 80V AC  without load (and 20V AC with load) in respect to ground) since this bug  probably  caused within something what must handle that AC ...  ( i need proof it to force manufacturer of that charge to pay me new laptop)

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello 07Pepa,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          Please bear in mind that your best contact support is with your computer manufacturer as they are more familiar with your system and how all the components interact with each other.
          The reason behind this would be that the different drivers created by the OEM or manufacturer, are indeed tested with their systems and they add the proper configuration needed to work for the device correctly.
          Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if your laptop charger can cause this on your system, this support needs to be provided by your computer manufacturer.
          Ivan U.