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    Intel graphics option resolution not displaying correctly on TV.


      I am currently using 2 NUC5i3MYHE  for my digital signage solution, one is attached to an LG 55LW340C and the other to a LG SUPERSIGN 55LW540S.


      When I adjust the scaling and resolution in the control panel both Windows and in Intel Graphics options it will not change the settings. In other words, the application am running looks stretched out and is not aligned inside the aspect ratio which is set at 16:9 on the TV. They have different modes for aspect ratio, one which is called Just scan fits allows the whole presentation to fit inside the screen, and then after 5 minutes it reverts back to 16:9. I tried the master settings by holding down the settings button and pressing 1105 to program the resolution not change. Unfortunately that did not work for me. 


      Could you recommend a TV that has on overscan option preferably a 55", or that is compatible with the intel NUC?


      Are there other settings I can try to see whether the resolution can fit into the screen?