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    File System Filter 'iaStorAfs' Error


      I'm getting hundreds of these warning in my event log:

      "File System Filter 'iaStorAfs' (Version 10.0, 2017-03-17T09:32:40.000000000Z) failed to attach to volume '\Device\Harddisk9\DR9'.  The filter returned a non-standard final status of 0xC000000D.  This filter and/or its supporting applications should handle this condition.  If this condition persists, contact the vendor."


      I could only find one other reference at: http://www.win-raid.com/u10598-koitsu-messages.html


      Is this something to be concerned about?


      Is it a bug with Windows and/or Intel RST?


      I'm running the latest version of Intel RST downloaded from Intel's site: v15.5.0.1051