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    Network problems with m5 compute stick


      I bought one of the m5 compute sticks from an ebay seller and installed windows 10 on it.


      I was unable to get it to connect on the 5GHz band with a netgear AC1750 R6400 router, but it'd connect on 2.4GHz.  I was able to get it to connect to an Onhub router, but the connection was unreliable.  Web pages wouldn't come up and windows update checking took four hours.


      After spending a few days tinkering with it, I returned it to the seller as defective.  Dude is a real jerk and didn't want to take it back and now wants to withhold part of the refund.  He said that it didn't work when he got it back but after he changed the Roaming Aggressiveness setting to '1' it worked.


      I don't see anyone else reporting this problem or needing to change low level driver settings to make the product work.


      Whats the take from the experts?  Something wrong with it or does everyone except me know they have to change that setting for the stick to make a network connection?