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    PCH Fail on NUC D54250WYKH1 D54250WYB  Board


      I've had a recurring, intermittent problem with the cursor locking in place at the top middle of my monitor, blinking at about 2Hz. Updating drives, rebooting, etc. haven't solved the problem.


      Today I downloaded and ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool.  It reported the PCH test failed.


      System Information



      D54250WYB  Board

      Processor Intel Core i5-4250U

      Windows 10 - up to date

      Intel Driver update tool says all drivers up to date

      Windows Memory test says no problems.

      I found a suggestion for a fix at Tom's Hardware, but I couldn't get at the motherboard battery to try it.

           Intel diagnostic tool PCH fail. - [Solved] - CPUs



      1) Is my blinking cursor problem likely to be caused by the PCH failure problem?

      2) What can I do to fix the PCH failure?


      Text of Failure message

      PCH Test Failed


      PCH Test

      Module Version:

      Start Time: Sat May 27 19:10:25 2017

      Test Result - FAIL

      LPC deviceID = 0x9c43


      Chipset          : Intel(R) 8 Series Chipset

      Chipset Stepping : C1


      Error while retrieving SATA Device Information from OS.

      Platform Controller Hub Test Failed!!!

      End Time: Sat May 27 19:10:25 2017

      Total Time:  seconds: 0