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    DZ77GA-70k, ACPI Suspend State missing from UEFI BIOS power menu, need help


      So after transferring my PC from one case to another, the ability to sleep my PC in windows disappeared. Doing pwercfg -a in command prompt got me a very odd response:


      powercfg display.jpg


      So this pointed me to BIOS instead of Windows, and on youtube i found an overview of the BIOS of this exact board and saw that there is an ACPI Suspend State option in the Power menu pictured here:ACPI there.jpg



      But its missing in my BIOS. Here is what i see

      bios power.jpg



      Is there wiring on the board that has a problem? Header? Some BIOS configuration of some sort? At one point, my entire BIOS got reset and i had to reconfigure my overclock and fan header settings, but that was nothing i hadn't already done before back when sleep worked. Any ideas? Im at a loss and i need to be able to sleep my computer.