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    ZR300 SLAM: higher data rate and velocity signals




      Currently the API of the ZR300 SLAM only provides the estimated camera

      pose (with get_camera_pose()). For robotic applications is would be very useful

      to have also the estimated velocities. Would it be possible to add an API like

      get_camera_velocity() which returns the current translational and rotational

      velocities? Of course rotational velocities can be obtained by the IMU directly,

      but the SLAM probably estimates the biases of all sensors so it would be

      better to use the bias free signals.


      Additionally the callback is now called every 30Hz. It would be useful to have a

      higher data rate. As the IMU data arrives with >200Hz and is probably processed

      immediately, there should be a possiblity to have a higher output rate. It tried

      querying get_camera_pose() more often, but that does not do the job.