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    How to access the external storage through SPI in ARC processor?


      Dear Sir,


           I want to access the "external flash memory(MX25R6435F)" attached with the intel curie bsp c1000 in ARC. I am able to access the same MX25R6435F external flash memory for writing data and reading it back through SPI by the help of Quark(x86) processor.The  MX25R6435F external flash memory I am able to access using some ready-made API to write and read from the same in Quark(x86).But I am not able to do the same task using the same API(by making respective changes for the ARC) in the ARC.


           Thing is like ARC is responsible for getting the data from all sensors and that is what I wanna write into the  MX25R6435F external flash memory.


      My actual question is??????????

      So,I wanna ask that, Is that possible that our ARC itself will collect all the sensor data from the accelero and gyro sensors and write into the  MX25R6435F external flash memory attached with Intel Curie C1000 board, what I am having with me now, and read it back and further do some required calculations upon requirement in the ARC itself???

      Is our ARC is capable enough to fulfill my requirement???


      Note: The Intel Curie board that I am having with me,It is having one  MX25R6435F external flash memory


           Please Do help me as soon as possible.


      Thanks and Regards:

      Parwana Shahdi