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    wrong connected the corsair link cable


      Sorry for my English, my client wrong connected the corsair link cable (Hydro Series ™ H115i 280mm Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler) to port tb2 (port motherboard thunderbolt 2) This cable connects to the motherboard's internal usb port, And the processor started to malfunction, until no OS could be installed.  (Is an i7 processor 6700 4ghz) The pc turns on, but when trying to install some operating system, it fails. When trying to install windows, throws the following error: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION code: 0x0000009c  The question is: does that connection damage the processor?  From already thank you very much .


      Components of the pc:


      Processor: i7 (6700 4ghz)


      Motherboard: Asrock Z170 Extreme6


      Liquid refrigeration: Hydro Series ™ H115i 280mm Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

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          Intel Corporation
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          : Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Processors communities.

          It is very unlikely that the processor got defective by connecting the link cable to the wrong port. Based on the fact that you are getting an error message it indicates that it is working but there might be a problem with the board.

          At this point we can try to test the PC with the minimal configuration, please use just one memory stick and also make sure that the hard drive is properly connected to the board.

          Do you have the option to use a different hard drive?
          Do you have the chance of testing your processor on a different board or your board with a different processor?
          Are you using a USB bootable device to install Windows?

          Any further questions, please let me know.

          Alberto R

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            Thanks Alberto for answering, already do all those tests, the problem processor on another motherboard (not working), a new processor on the old board (if it works), old motherboard and processor with failure, and try to boot any system and don't work, I tried to boot from a sata disk, it did not work, it tried from a ssd (M2) disk and it did not work either, change the power source to a new one, and it does not work either. Try to boot from a pendrive (linux or windows) also did not work, reset the bios of the motherboard, also did not work, change bios (this motherboard has 2 bios) did not work.

            Then I reassemble the old board with the same memory, same hard drive, same power source and only change the processor for a new one, and the pc works again without problems, I can install any operating system And perform stability test for hours and work without problems, I put the processor back with problems and the system returns to fail, so everything points to the processor being damaged for the wrong connection, or came with a factory failure. Thank you very much already.


            (por cierto: hablas español?)



            Badly connected cable (Painted red)



                corsair link cable


            Connector TB2 motherboard, the connector of the corsair cooler is the same as the normal usb of the front ports of the cabinet, so I think it was the error.


            The only question I have is if this bad connection was what damaged the processor, or intel processors have protection systems to avoid such errors.


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              Intel Corporation
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              : You are very welcome. Thank you very much for letting us know all those details and the picture, we really appreciate you took the time to do that.

              Actually the processor should not get defective because of that reason, the headers on the board are not directly related to the processor, they are connected to a voltage regulator of the board, so it is kind of strange. The processor does have protection for temperatures that for example, it will go off automatically if the PC gets hot, but in regard to the voltage there might be problems if the proper voltage is not being used.

              In order to replace the processor, you can get in contact with the place of purchase and check with them their warranty options, or we can replace it for you. Please get in contact with Intel directly to replace it:

              Chat support; http://intelsupportchat.force.com/icslivechat/ics_tech_processor_ww_english_Chat,

              For phone support, depending on your location, you will see the contact information on the links below:
              EMEA contact information: http://intel.ly/28QeAF3
              APAC contact information: http://intel.ly/1ITfjUF
              LAR contact information: http://intel.ly/29c0rW4
              North America: Phone Number  1-916-377-7000, Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time).

              Any questions, please let me know.

              Alberto R