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    Downgrading the OpenGL on Intel HD Graphics 520?


      Hi all, how to downgrade the graphics drivers version (Graphics Control Panel shows actually of my brandnew laptop, so that it then supports OpenGL 4.2 (or lower) version instead of the installed OpenGL 4.4 version.

      It is a Dell inspiron 5559 Signature Edition, Intel i5-6200 U CPU, Intel HD Graphics 520.

      I want the laptop to perform GLSL shaders that I've designed on a Lenovo laptop supporting OpenGL 4.2. My shaders are using functions that have been deprecated in OpenGL 4.4. I received the ERROR messages telling that gl_ModelViewMatrix, gl_Vertex, gl_Normalmatrix and gl_Normal are not available in current GLSL version.


      Thanks in advance for any solution.