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    I7 920 issues with ASUS

      I recently purchased an asus P6T deluxe v2 motherboard alonf with kingston hyperx memory (3x 2gb) an the Intel 1366 i7 920. The motherboard would not recognize the full (6gb) of memory. I received an e-mail recently from ASUS tech support stating that it is the Intel 920 processor that I have that is the issue an to RMA it back to intel.


      I have found no evidence stating that the i920 has an issue with recognizing the amount of ram on the motherboard. Although there are several issues with the i7920 that I see on this website.


      I would like to know if there is an issue with the i7920 not recognizing the total memory on the motherboard even after a bios update?

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          With overclocked ram there can be issues that you only see 4gb not 6gb, adjusting the QPI voltage and Ram voltage can normally fix things.

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            This does not answer your query directly but I guess it will help.

            Intel hosts live chat event with their experts where people can discuss Intel products technologies. The next event will be held around their core processors. I think that it will be a good platform to ask this or any other question. The next event is on 26th March at 9:30 am GMT. More info at