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    The Implications And Future Of What Optane Could be


      So at this point any one who has optane installed know what the results of this technology can produce. and produce is what it does it actually takes over the thought process of your hard drives cache , embeds itself in the process, and consolidates, tunes, and speeds up the entire process of what your HD cache is doing.


      The Implications

      the implications of this technology are so vast that there will never be a cache that in some form or another cannot improve, that being said unless the cache is maxxed to what its capable of doing to some extent . how is this possible to future proof a technology so far ahead ?????? It is actually quite simple, optane is designed to do one thing and do it cheaply and very productively. Take over caches and enlarge them,  much like taking a 12 ounce soda and turning it into a 2 liter bottle of soda. At this point and time optane works quite well on a hdd that has a small cache it improves it one hundred times over in some instances, it also is capable of marginally improving some ssd's . why some and not all sdd you ask ? cause some have small caches and optane enlarges it , other dont need the cache enlarged.


      Future Of Optane


      Future Implications. Optane already has the capability to cache a hardrive because it has a cache it can take over. what if it could also cache your video card or your processor as well ? my cpu is 8mb l3 cache and i have 16gb optane what do you think that might do to the speed of the processor in time to come ?