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      Please excuse my lack of knowledge here but I am having a problem with my new system booting up. I purchased a DH55TC mother board with an i5-650 processor, WD 1T hard drive and a new HP dvd/cd burner and installed all of this into an older case I already had. I have checked all of my wiring and it will not boot. Could someone please tell me the process I need to follow to boot a new system like this, it has been too many years since I have done this and I have a feeling I am forgetting something simple.

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          Hi Paul,

          What kind of memory are you using?  (brand name and part number?)


          What happens when you press the power button on the computer to start it up?  anything?  Are you able to enter the BIOS?


          Check the switch on the back of the power supply on the computer. Make sure it's turned to on. If there is power, there should be a little led lit up on the motherboard indicating the board has power.