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    Trouble with 945GM in a custm computer running windows XP Pro


      I control my Home theater using a custom fanless computer which runs the 945GM Chipset.  One output is connected to a VGA monitor and the other to the theaters A/V porocessor.  The A/V processor is connected to a JVC HiDef projector..  The multiple output ports are mapped so Display 1 is a VGA monitor at 1024x768 and Display 2 is the Projector via the A/V processor at 1920x1080.


      On a boot it seems that the A/V processor must be on and set to the PJ and the PJ must be on for the graphics system to recognize the PJ as a digital Television. If those conditions are not met then Windows seems to think that the only monitors available are plug and play units or flat screens none of which have the resolution of the Projector.  This does not work well after a power failure as It requires manual intervention to reboot the system with the correct things turned on and diaplay paths set up.


      Is there a way to force the system to always know that there is a Digital Television at 1920x1080 even if there is not a current path to it?