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    How can I increase my intel HD 4000 dedicated video memory?


      So hello dear community,

      Recently, I have bought a new PC which has 8 GB Ram and I7 3rd Gen 2.9 Ghz, with Intel HD 4000. But there's been something which was annoying me: It only has 32 vram. I tried using different solutions in YouTube such as using regedit and making a new key etc etc and that stuff changing the . but no avail, so  I gave up on that then  I tried shutting down my PC and using the BIOS system in order the change the graphic settings. However, I didn't find anything related to these graphic settings in BIOS. I'm really feeling like to playing some video games, but what's the point if I can't increase my vRam? Please help me out, I wanna find a solution.