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    Intel D955XBK, IMPI Interface and PCI Serial Port errors, plus IEEE 1394B no longer recognized. HELP!!!


      Hello, n00b here... I have a custom built desktop that was handed down to me, and I took it from an XP to Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit. I can no longer use the IEEE 1394B connection to transfer mini-DV tape footage from a Sony camcorder into this computer using either Sony Vegas 10 or Window MovieMaker 6. I have the 1394B cable and just in case, ordered the 1394A cable to see if it is just the cable. I REALLY need to get this hooked up. Any help? Any Advice?


      Not sure if this could be the cause, too, but I am getting the error messages for IPMI Interface and PCI Serial Port in the Other Devices are in Computer Management/Device Manager. I have tried to download and install the 1394B_XP_32_4.0.1.exe driver, which FINALLY installed, but made no difference in recognition for the jack, or the error messages. I am officially out of options, and am open to new possibilities if you have them.


      Last question: Can older technology like a IEEE 1394B connection be installed in newer computers? Thanks for any help that any of you can send!