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    Where can I get a latest Driver for Intel Management Engine?


      I've bought AzRock DeskMini 110 Barebone PC which includes AsRock H110M-STX mainboard. with Intel i7-7700T and Samsung DDR4 8GBx2 RAM. Operating system is Windows 10 64bit.


      When I went to AsRock homepage(ASRock Support ) and searched for drivers. I found out that there are only old versions like below.


      * INF Driver : v10.1.1.13

      * Intel VGA Driver : v21.20.16.4542

      * Intel Lan Driver : v20.2

      * Intel Management Engine Driver :


      I inquired AsRock distributor about this. and They said it is good to download newer versions from Intel homepage. They said that the old versions on AsRock homepage is just for basic or initial installation only.


      So, I've come here Intel's homepage and tried to find updated drivers. I found three of them. updated drivers...


      * INF Driver : v10.1.1.42

      * Intel VGA Driver : v21.20.16.4664 (The download page shows this as v15.45.16.4664 but the installation window shows as I have no idea why the version notation on the download page differs from the installation window)

      * Intel Lan Driver : v22.3


      But I couldn't find a proper driver for Intel Management Engine for my PC.


      How or Where can I find a latest driver for Intel Management Engine?


      Thanks in advance