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    Disabling intel i7 920 "cpu vr current limit override" option in bios


        Hi, I have an intel i7 920, intel dx58so mobo, 12 gb ddr3, gtx 970 video card, corsair vs650 psu. Recently some overloading happened while playing a game and my mobo got damaged and I had to repair it. They had to replace 6 ics from the voltage regulator area of the mobo.


        Now it is working fine again except for the fact that i have turbo boost disabled now..as this burnout probably happened due to the cpu drawing more and more current from the psu while gaming. Previously I had turbo boost enabled and "cpu vr current limit override" enabled. That used to draw about 143 watts compared to the normal 130 watts of the cpu tdp. I have not overclocked anything and run at stock cpu speed.


        Now my question is if i turn on turbo boost and keep that "cpu vr current limit override" thing disabled, will i get the extra boost while still staying at 130 watts ?