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    NUC7i3BNH cannot update splash logo


      Hi All,


      Just as the title describes. I have tried using the Integrator Toolkit 6.1.6 with images of many different sizes.

      Most recently 1280x800

      My file is a basic JPEG, 54KB in size.

      Running ITK6.efi -b -x CI.bio -il Mylogo.jpg

      results in

      "One or more of the dimensions of the logo were too small.

      Note: The width or height cannot be smaller than 120 pixels.

      There was an issue getting the logo data."


      I have tried using the bios file downloaded from the Intel website as a starting point and running:

      ITK6.efi -b -x CI.bio -ib BN0046.bio -il Mylogo.jpg

      but the error is the same.


      I have also tried the graphical ITK with no luck, it similarly gives error messages.


      What am I doing wrong?