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      We use a E3845 Prozessor on a so called "computer on a module" based industrial PC. Connected to the display port there is a eDP to LVDS bridge which is
      connected to the TFT display.


      Because of our used eal time system based on WinCE 6.0 which is running "below" Windows 10 we need to set the boote code parameter "FIRSTMEGABYTEPOLICY=UseAll".

      So, Windows uses the first 1MB as a "normal" memory.

      If we set FIRSTMEGABYTEPOLICY=UseAll we have the Problem that after rebooting sometimes the display keeps black ! This happens because during boot up, the

      display ports were not detected and the VGA output is used.

      If we set FIRSTMEGABYTEPOLICY=UseNone then directly we have no problems at all.


      With the same system we had some problems by using SSD's. We had some crashes were the SSD disapeared and windows start rebooting, but that failed, because the
      SSD is not detected.


      Finally we have the situation that two on chip devices were "disappearing" when the boote code parameter FIRSTMEGABYTEPOLICY is set to UseAll, which means

      that the first megabyte is used dynamic by windows.