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    Add Vesa 1366x768 to GM45 on Dell Inspiron 1545 for CML/DOS ?


      Hi Guys,

      This is my first post, just joined today, looks interesting with a nice bunch of contributors.


      I'm a keen user of an older DOS based CAD program (Protel) for electronic design

      as I already have libraries, can update them, very fast, produces good output &

      work fine under 32 bit XP on a reliable laptop which can dual boot to Win7 64 bit dual boot.


      Laptop's native resolution 1366x768 is fine for windows but, there's no 1366x768 Vesa mode

      for DOS based programs so the 1366x768 graphic driver which I can get for "Protel for DOS"

      does not function, it only goes to 1024x768 with the aspect ratio out so circles appear as ovals.


      The lfb.exe cml/dos program on this link shows all the modes (incl Vesa) the GM45 on my Dell has

      in DOS mode:- Protel Autotrax video drivers   link can be found in string "the lfb tool inside DOSBox"

      I don't need to run DOSBox as slow/messy & Xp-32bit will open a cml window with appropriate .pif and

      there are corruption issues/delays using the Windows XP driver thats offered on the Airborn website.


      ie. To run the vesa report program; d/l the .exe, virus check then open a cml/dos window & type lfb

      or optionally pipe the output to a txt file as lfb > mine.txt

      Then type exit to leave the cml closed


      On my system the Vesa mode are as listed below but, doesn't show the laptop's

      native 1366x768 at all, here it is:-



      Version  : 3.00

      OEM Name : Intel(r)Cantiga Graphics Chip Accelerated VGA BIOS

      memory   : 33488896

      no VESA Protected Mode Interface


      160h:     0 x    0 (text)

      161h:     0 x    0 (text)

      162h:     0 x    0 (text)

      163h:     0 x    0 (text)

      164h:     0 x    0 (text)

      165h:     0 x    0 (text)

      166h:     0 x    0 (text)

      167h:     0 x    0 (text)

      168h:     0 x    0 (text)

      169h:     0 x    0 (text)

      16ah:     0 x    0 (text)

      16bh:     0 x    0 (text)

      16ch:     0 x    0 (text)

      16dh:     0 x    0 (text)

      16eh:     0 x    0 (text)

      16fh:     0 x    0 (text)

      170h:     0 x    0 (text)

      171h:     0 x    0 (text)

      13ch:     0 x    0 (text)

      14dh:     0 x    0 (text)

      15ch:     0 x    0 (text)

      13ah:     0 x    0 (text)

      14bh:     0 x    0 (text)

      15ah:     0 x    0 (text)

      107h:     0 x    0 (text)

      11ah:     0 x    0 (text)

      11bh:     0 x    0 (text)

      105h:  1024 x  768 x  8           0xf8000000, 41 pages

      117h:  1024 x  768 x 16  0:5:6:5  0xf8000000, 20 pages

      118h:  1024 x  768 x 32  8:8:8:8  0xf8000000,  9 pages

      112h:   640 x  480 x 32  8:8:8:8  0xf8000000, 25 pages

      114h:   800 x  600 x 16  0:5:6:5  0xf8000000, 33 pages

      115h:   800 x  600 x 32  8:8:8:8  0xf8000000, 16 pages

      101h:   640 x  480 x  8           0xf8000000, 101 pages

      103h:   800 x  600 x  8           0xf8000000, 62 pages

      111h:   640 x  480 x 16  0:5:6:5  0xf8000000, 50 pages


      The Vesa mode I need is 183h for 1366x768.


      I wondering if its possible to patch the relevant .inf in the graphic drivers for the

      GM45 such that 183h appears with the correct attributes.


      Is it possible there is a utility from intel or a spec which details the areas in

      the .INF file or even a binary patch for any of the associated .DLL's so when

      the cml (command line) switches in then mode 183h for 1366x768 matches

      the Protel intrinsic driver ?


      Looking forward to some ideas, regards


      Mike Massen


      Edit: I've just found this utility which may be useful as it can interrogate the

      native lcd "monitor" in the laptop & might this data then be useful to patch

      any of the .inf for the GM45 driver ?

      EnTech Taiwan | Utilities | Monitor Asset Manager

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