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    ECC supported by G4560 on ASUS P10S-M WS?




      I bought the following components in March for a NAS server build:

      • ASUS P10S-M WS
      • Intel G4560 sSpec SR32Y
      • Kingston KVR21E15D8/8HA


      However, ECC is not working. I did checks on

      • FreeBSD with dmidecode: "Error Correction Type: None"
      • Windows 10 with wmic: MemoryErrorCorrection = 3 (None)
      • Windows 10 with AIDA64: ECC not supported
      • PassMark MemTest86 V7.3 Free Build: 1012


      So I contacted the support at PassMark because I wasn't sure that Kaby Lake was supported. We discussed the issue and I even got new builds to test. But the final result was that the chipset register contains CAPID0_A=62016051 and hence is not ECC capable.


      Maybe the ASUS mainboard has a defect. So I emailed the support, did the AIDA64 and other tests as recommended with the same result. After over two months discussing the issue with ASUS, they replaced the mainboard. Unfortunately, the issue remains. I did the same tests yesterday but ECC capability could be detected.


      It looks like there is an compatibility issue between the G4560 and the ASUS implementation of the C236 chipset. Any ideas on how to test or fix it?