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    Intel Unite SMB HUB 3.1


      I have a customer running 4 VLANs, all VLANs running without firewall, we have L3 VLAN routing enable, all machines can access in each others (20 machines by VLANs).

      Intel Unite (SMB Mode) HUB is installed on VLAN 10, machines located on VLAN 20, 30 and 40 can not connect to the HUB, only machines on VLAN 10 can.

      Is there a way to configure serverconfig.xml file on a client side do specify the IP address of the HUB on VLAN 10?


      HUB System:

      Intel NUC 5i5MYHE

      Windows 10 Enterprise 1067

      Intel Unite 3.1 HUB and Client

      BIOS MYi50035