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    Intel HD 620 Graphics Windows10 64 Bits




      IntensePC3 (using Intel Core i7-7500U) has an issue on End customer application.

      Remotely I can connect and see the Creator's update has been installed (1703).


      Any Intel driver is generating really strange effects on the screen: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5Dy-Hxkgj7ebXcySUplM2l3dFE

      The only way to have this gone is to roll back to Microsoft driver (10.0.15063.0) but then only 1 Display is detected.


      Any idea? I will try to get the customer to reinstall his OS on Win 10 64 bits without Creator's update to see if it comes from this but he is in remote location which isn't facilitating the problem.


      For any solution, please let me know.