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    Getting Depth Position Value from Depth Image RealSense SR300




      Right now I am working on a project measuring the depth accuracy of RealSense SR300.Thus I need to obtain the world position of depth for every pixel in the depth image.


      I use "projection->QueryVertices(depthIm, &vertices[0])" in the SDK to get the depth value, however, when I compared the data with the one from "JointData.positionWorld.z", the values are different and sometimes they differed a lot. Do you guys meet the same problems before?


      PS: I am assuming the data from "JointData.positionWorld.z" are more accurate and I am comparing "vertices[pos].z" with that value where "pos" is "(JointData.positionImage.y - 1)*depth_info.width + (JointData.positionImage.x - 1)".