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    Upgraded CPU isn't supporting dual displays anymore




      I have a very strange problem. Wishing to increase the speed of my computer cpu-wise I purchased a 2nd hand chip


      My system is an old dell Inspiron 580 running windows 7


      The chips are


      Original on board purchase


      INTEL i3 550

      INTEL CORE i3


      1. 3.29GHz/4m/89a



      The new chip is an


      INTEL i5 750

      INTEL CORE i5


      1. 2.66GHz/8m/89b



      Now while the new i5 chip works and I can set the screen resolution to what I want, it doesn’t support my dual display! Which I am told by computer savvy friends doesn’t make any sense as the CPU has nothing to do with the display output.


      The windows setup doesn’t detect the DIVD screen with the i5 chip fitted


      I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX650 with VGA and DIVD outputs


      The monitors are both DELL an ST2420L(DIVD) and an E2210(VGA)


      With my original chip, both screens displayed fine and the screens were extended and worked. With the new chip, screen 1 (DIVD) is blank and the desktop is displayed on screen 2 (VGA)


      I have tried plugging the VGA screen into the motherboard socket but ended up with no display on either screen.


      The research I have done suggest the i5 chip is suitable for my Motherboard so I don’t know how to proceed from here, any help would be appreciated