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    Weird CPU voltages


      So after moving back this switch (in the picture below) and losing it in my case, I got it back after shaking my case back and forth, with help so it never hit the ground really hard or anything like that.

      now I'm getting really weird CPU voltages, like over 1.4V and I know that's dangerous for an i7-6700K so it would be helpful to know what's going on. I have nothing running in the background and it has worked well in the game Warface getting 160FPS at 1440p.

      System Specs


      ROG STRIX GTX 1070 8OG

      16GB 3000MHZ DDR4 G-Skill Trident Z RGB RAM


      Samsung 960 Evo


      and one more thing, its turbo boosting to 4.2 GHZ for no reason whatsoever, though I've heard


      "it is normal for turbo boost to run when system is lightly loaded as only one or two cores are being used and usually the cpu temp is cool which allow it to turbo boost automatically. you don't have to have a high work load for turbo boost to be engaged."