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    Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 Upload speeds issue




      a few weeks ago I bought the new Dell XPS15 9560 laptop and replaced the standard Killer 1535 wireless card against the above mentioned Intel one.

      So far I am satisfied concerning the overall connection stability etc. However, I have the following issue, I am unable to resolve:


      As I backup my laptop regularly to my NAS in the local network via wifi, I especially need acceptable upload speeds.

      I tested the upload- and download-speeds with the following parameters:

      * close position to router (AVM 7490); signal strength very good

      * connected via 5,2GHz

      * no crowded wireless network or impact of other network participants

      * Laptop: WIN10 1703, all recent updates and drivers installed

      * transferred file: one 1,2GB movie file (no fragmented little data pieces)

      * NAS: FreeNAS 9.10 connected to router

      * no energy saving settings activated; all on high performance


      Download speed from server to laptop: 500-550 Mbit/s (very nice)

      Upload speed from laptop to server: 140 Mbit/s (unacceptable)


      When I transfer data via gigabit ethernet cable, I get 970 Mbit/s upload and around 970 Mbit/s download rate, so the NAS shoould not be the bottleneck here.


      Where is the culprit? I am trying to find a solution to this for almost two weeks now and so far nothing helped!


      Thanks a lot in advance.