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    NUC717BNH - Random USB Disconnect (?) Sounds


      Maybe you guys can help me figure this one out... because I am stumped.


      Before buying the NUC, i was using a self-built machine. Suddenly random USB disconnect sounds started occurring (sometimes 3 in a row, other times not for several hours) - I disabled all system sounds and it still continued, even though I didn't notice any USB hardware blips).


      I installed the NUC and the issue suddenly started all over again. Here's what I have done:


      (1) updated all drivers with Intel Driver Update Utility

      (2) swapped out a wired keyboard

      (3) bought a new mouse

      (4) replaced a wired USB hub with a newer model ( thought this was the solution - no sounds for 2 days, then suddenly 4 times today).

      (5) disabled all energy saving options in Win 10 power settings


      Here's what I have plugged into the USB slots of the NUC:


      in the back: (1) the new wired hub (2) an AudioQuest - DragonFly Red USB DAC

      in the front: (1) an external hard drive

      in the hub: (1) wired keyboard (2) wired mouse (3) connecting wire from battery backup and surge protector (this is also new)


      Is there anything I'm missing? *Please* help as this has been very frustrating. Thanks!


      Edit: Oh, and all the windows system sounds are disabled.

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