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    Intel HD4000 Driver problem


      I use HP 8300 i7-3770 8G with windows 7_64, Virutal Machine + Genymotion are used to play the android games on the PC.


      If I install the lastest version 4425 HD4000 driver from Hp or Intel, the screen graphic is flashed and cannot show the true picture when I play a game called "Little Empire" and jump to "training page" from main page.


      If I install old verison 2639 HD4000 driver from  "Intel_GFX_Win7_64_8.15.10.2639_PV.exe", the screen graphic at the training page is ok without any problems, but the andrioid simulator on virutal machine will hang after running for 10-30 minutes.


      What is the difference between HD4000 driver 2639 version and 4425 version ?  How to solve ? Please advice !