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    nuc hdmi port turn off?


      hi all,

      first of all i want to apologize for any grammer mistakes.


      so i bought  the nuc I3 (7I3BNK)

      and i am using it as an HTPC,so the nuc is connacted to the tv via HDMI cable,

      the thing that i dont get is that, when the i am listting to music lets say from youtube, from time to time the screen will lose signle, and the audio wil revert to

      a second output device which is a 2.1 surround set.


      and if i move the mouse (waking up the nuc) the signal returns and the sound return to the TV its like some thing is going to sleep, but since i mention that the sound revert to the sround set when the tv lose signal i dont think its sleeping


      i dont understand why this thing happening, when i watch movies this think never happens.


      tnx u all.