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    STK1AW32SC - Unreliable Bluetooth

      I am facing issues with unreliable bluetooth on STK1AW32SC with 8330 CPU.  I tested with multiple bluetooth devices and issue remains same


      1) Both Logitech V470 bluetooth mouse and K480 keyboard works unreliably. Both of them works fine with my macbook

      2) Samsung HS3000 bluetooth headset, the audio is choppy and breaking. This headset works fine with macbook, elitebook, iPhone and samsung note 5, so no issues with headphone.

      3) Sony bluetooth headset, same issue as above.


      Please note:

      1) compute stick is having latest bios, latest WiFI and bluetooth drivers

      2) I tried WiFi in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band and issue remains the same.


      The similar issue was reported here Stk1aw32sc Intel compute stick Bluetooth audio streaming and intel support responded pointing at WiFi activity in the area. Please note that my macbook and phones also in the same wifi activity region and not having issues with those bluetooth devices so that response from Intel support is unacceptable.


      Kindly help