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    Problems during setup of NUC7I5BNH - Machine keeps on cycling on and off without finishing / displaying POST


      I have just purchased a NUC and having problems to get it up and running.


      I have installed some GeIl 16GB DDR4 SO-DIMM 2400MHz memory + Samsung 960 EVO Series 250GB m.2 SSD.


      My problem is that after turning on (which I need to by holding the button down for a while).  The unit starts up. the power light remains blue.  There is not output to the monitor. Then every few minutes of so, the device switches off and then immediately switches back on and go through the same cycle.


      There is no output to the monitor.  I have tried a TV + a Monitor + two separate cables.


      When plugging in a device to the USB port, they do not seem to get any power.  (KB. Mouse and USB stick).


      As a diagnostic step, I removed the RAM and tried again.  I did receive the flashing indicator t say that the RAM was not installed, so that provide that it was doing a POST test.


      Any help would be appreciated.