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    NUC 7i3BNK Flickers and Freezes after installing graphics driver




      We have recently purchased 3 NUC 7i3BNK Kits for use in our company. We've been trying to install Windows 10 (WIN 10 1703 German x64) on them.


      Every time we install the graphics driver, or every time we try to perform windows updates, the computer freezes and has to be hard reset. After every reset, the login screen will flicker briefly and then freeze again, rendering the computer completly

      unusable. The only fix we know for this is to not install a graphics card driver and not allow windows updates at all - this is obviously unsustainable over the longer term.


      What we have tried so far:


      1. Attempted to install 3 differen graphics card drivers (, and all to no avail

      2. Installed BIOS Update to BIOS Version BNKBL 357.86A.0046 to no avail

      3. Attempted to block windows updates via the official tool and not install a graphics driver (this worked very short term)


      We're using the following Hardware:


      - Intel NUC 7i3BNK Kit

      - Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD 250GB

      - 8GB PC4-17000 C15-15-15-36 Flash memory


      We're currently out of ideas as to what to try next and would appreciate any suggestions as to how to make this work.