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    NUC7i5 - Entering Bios


      I was anxious to receive my new NUC.  It came in today.  I installed RAM and storage....away I went.  Well, I don't have audio.  So, I imagine I need to go into the bios and make a change so that it uses the TV's speakers (audio through HDMI).  I used to have a bunch of USB keyboards laying around, but a while back, I got rid of them.  So, when I needed a new keyboard for the NUC, I picked up a Logitech K400 Plus.  I feared this very problem, but read online that as long as it had a USB dongle (and not bluetooth), that I would be able to get into the bios.  This seems to not be the case.  I press F2 like crazy, but it always just goes into Windows.  Of course, once in Windows, it works perfectly fine.  I have read about disabling FastBoot.  If there a way to get into the Bios to do this, preferably without having to open the case back up?  Thanks.

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          I have the same keyboard and the nuc7-i3bnh. You have to press FN + F2 to get into the bios.

          My win10 creators update machine works best with the default bios settings.

          I had to install the realtek audio driver to get sound over hdmi.

          Normally fastboot is disabled. It shoud be disabled in your bios out of the box. You should leave it disabled, because you wont get into the bios, at least not with F2, if you disable it. Do not install the logitech software for the k 400 plus. My PC lost the ability to get into the sleep mode, after i installed it. See my post from yesterday in the thread NUC7i3BNH not entering Ready Mode.

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            Aha!  Thank you very much for that info. 


            Are you using CEC HDMI on yours?

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              Actually, the Audio driver that enables sound over HDMI is installed as part of the Intel HD Graphics driver package. The RealTek Audio driver is only used to provide support for the front panel headphone jack.


              If you are not hearing audio over your HDMI interface, open the Playback tab in the Sound applet (by right-clicking on the Speaker icon in the System Tray and selecting Playback Devices) and verify that the Intel HD Audio device is both present and is selected as the default.


              Hoped this helps,


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                Oops, missed a question...


                First of all, you should being pressing F2 (over and over) the moment you power on or the screen is blanked during the reboot process. Keep doing so through the BIOS Splash screen being displayed. It should take you into BIOS Setup (which is called Visual BIOS).


                If this doesn't work, power off the machine and then power it back on - but hold the power button down for a full three seconds. This should cause the Power Button Recovery Menu to be displayed.


                If this seems to (instead) power the NUC back off, it means that you held the power button down too long (4 seconds). In this case, try again.


                Once you get the Power Button Recovery Menu displayed, hitting F2 should take you into BIOS Setup.


                If pressing F2 seems to cause the NUC to hang, it is usually in indication that your TV/Monitor does not support the required (1024x768) resolution for BIOS Setup.



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                  Yes. I connected my NUC over HDMI with my LG 65 UC 970 V TV (HDCP 2.2. capable HDMI 1 port on the TV). The TV is connected via CEC-HDMI with an Pioneer AVR SC-2023. Furthermore I connected the NUC over its USB-C port directly with the AVR to get True HD and DTS-Master Sound. The TV only understands DD and DTS. The USB-C to HDMI Cable is one that is able to transport 4k with 60 Hz (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B06XS7T4GP/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1).


                  Watching Netflix with the win 10 app works with 4 k. You can verify that it works by pressing shift + ctrl + alt + d when watching a netflix tv-show, eg. Sense 8. You will then get info about the resolution of the stream and other things.

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