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    Use Intel Aero RTF ESC with other flight controller




      I am connecting another flight controller to the Intel Aero Board, and I want to use this board as a veritable companion computer. I want to add multiple sensors to the drone.

      I need so to connect the present ESCs to my new flight controller but they seem different. In fact we don't have the 3 cables like other but 4!

      I saw in your specifications (Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone | Intel® Software ) that they are using UART Interface and had been modified by Yuneec, but I don't have much information about them, even on this link (http://us.yuneec.com/Aero-Drone-ESC-Red-LED ).


      So my question is: There is a way to connect your ESCs to a pixhawk or we need to buy other ESC? If we can, how can we do it please?

      I think that it is more reasonable to connect ESC to the new flight controller, but maybe I'm thinking in the wrong way.


      Thanks by advance for your help.