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    DX58SO various boot problems


      I really need help here.

      I've recentely installed a dx58so motherboard with an i7 920, x3 2gb ocz ddr3 for intel i7.

      I've been having lot's of problem regardin boot, sometimes  it goes sometimes it doesn't but i think those are related with an hard disk configuration problem.

      I've tried to install win 7 ultimate 64 bit but after the first part of installation (first reboot) it simply can't complete it for some hardware error(tried with different dvd from friends).

      Win XP SP3 installs just fine.

      I've tried bios upgrade from F7 BUT IT FREEZE!! It show me the usb device and then it stops at that menu... Can't even exit.

      I know my english isn't the best and maybe the information i give aren't enought but please help... I've waited 3 months to have my ddr3 and now the system won't work.