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    dx79 bios backup


      Can you please forward the bios for this DX79SI motherboard to me. My motherboard also down, not giving display. I have confirmed it is Bios faulty. Tried the recovery option, didn't work. Please send it either in ".rom" or ".bin" format. USB Programmer CH341A, only supports the BIOS to be extracted in".rom" or ".bin" format & it is exactly 8MB


      0460.bio is 8.19 mb

      0494.bio is 8.19 mb

      0650.bio is 9.69 mb

      that the BIOS chip on our MB is 8 MB.

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          BIOS version you tried to install on the board :0430

          Current BIOS version :0380

          Processor model number:intel i7 3930k

          Video card you are using:I am using "Gigabyte" graphics card,


          please after you save it, you may compress is to zip and rar and email it to me miguelvilchez270910@gmail.com

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            There are two reasons why this isn't going to happen. First of all, Intel releases firmware only in the secured .BIO form. The other forms (.ROM, .BIN, ,HEX, etc.) are all unsecured and unsafe and Intel, on principle, will not provide them to you. Secondly, while it is encrypted and not directly accessible by you, branding information for your board is stored in the flash part. If someone provided you with an unbranded image, your board still wouldn't work properly until branded - and Intel does not release the branding tools outside the factory. If someone with the same board provided you with an image of their flash part, your board would then be a clone of theirs, having the same serial number, same UUID, the same MAC address, etc. Again, without branding tools, you would not be able to change this branding.


            Let's back up and look at your problem logically...


            When the PSU is connected to the board and is then plugged into an A/C source, does the (green) Standby LED light up and stay lit?


            What happens when you press the power button? Do the fans start spinning? Do you hear any beeping? Do the power sequencing LEDs light up? What is the sequence of codes that are displayed on the POST Code display? Does it stall on a specific POST code?


            [Hint: if the board powers up with the POST Code display showing 0x00 and it stays this way, it is usually an indication that the board is having a problem with the PSU and you should try another]


            Have you tried clearing CMOS? That is, with A/C power disconnected, remove the CR2032 battery from the board for 15 minutes.


            Have you tried powering on with the Back-to-BIOS button on the back I/O panel engaged (and lit)?


            If you are currently on BIOS 380, you should first attempt to reinstall BIOS 380 using the Recovery Method (see here: Intel Desktop Boards Recovery BIOS Update Instructions). If this works, next attempt to install BIOS 460. Follow this with BIOS 537. Follow that with BIOS 590. Finally, follow that with BIOS 650.


            Hope this helps; let us know what happens,


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              Intel Corporation
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              Thank you very much to for the information provided above.

              Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Desktop Boards communities.

              I hope the information posted previously was useful for you.

              Just in case, on the link below you will find all the BIOS versions available for your board:

              Any further questions, please let me know.

              Alberto R

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                I cannot boot at all. The processor I73820K is not supported until I update to Bios 0650. the Chip already that I made a copy of with my SPI program, then I found a program that will insert this information card mac,uuid,motherboard s/n onto the backup bin file.

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                  What program?

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                    Someone pointed me to UEFITool, FD44Editor , which does exactly what I wanted.

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                      This board does not use a standard AMI BIOS. Thus, with the possible exception of the MAC address, these tools will not be able to facilitate the insertion of (branding) SMBIOS strings into the (Intel) BIOS. Regardless, Intel is not going to provide you with a BIOS update in an unsecured format and I rather doubt that anyone who has this board is going to send you an image of their flash part (and I strongly encourage them not to; their board will then be cloned and, if nothing else, they will then have issues with things like Windows O/S registration).


                      If the processor you are attempting to use is not supported by the BIOS that is currently installed on the board, you are not going to be able to update the BIOS (regardless of the method utilized). You are going to have to get access to a processor that *is* supported by this board and update the BIOS using it. There are no alternatives.


                      Sorry, this is the reality of the situation...