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    Using the RealSense F200 camera with the 'Unity 2017' beta


      Hi everyone,


      I just wanted to report my experiences using a RealSense F200 camera with the new version of Unity, '2017 1.0b5'. 


      As one would expect from a major revision, it took a while for Unity to convert my Unity 5.6 project to Unity 2017 when running it in the new version for the first time.  Also, there were a large number of yellow and red warnings.  These were clearable though just by clicking the 'clear' option on the Unity debug console.  The subsequent few runs of the project in Unity 2017 were erratic, with the RealSense camera stalling on start-up on the first run.


      After doing a few runs though, Unity auto-corrected its database and flushed the problems out of its system, and there were no further problems with the RealSense camera or with the project in general.