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    I would like to use intel optane with integrated graphics on a 7400t how do I find a motherboard that supports max shared memory that is more than 1024


      I currently have 5200u laptop and windows has assigned 4000mb as shared memory which works fine for me. However, I figured with a desktop build (7400t) I could install even more ram and have a build that works well with integrated graphics while also have ram left over for other things. Anyway having an ultra fast sdd cache for the ram sounded like it would work really well with integrated graphics. In any case, I'd like to test it out. The problem is most motherboards say the maximum shared memory for onboard graphics is 1024mb. However I'd like it to use the windows 10 limit of half of the installed ram which is found on your help page. The recommended motherboards for intel optane all seem to have this limit. Is there anyway I can find out if I set the dvmt or shared graphics setting to auto or max or whatever is on the motherboard that the bios wouldn't prevent me from using the maximum shared memory that the system is allowed to. I also looked at the wattage for intel optane which seem very power efficient. Is there a reason they are limited to desktop boards besides using an m2 connector.