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    Intel HD 4600 Graphics acceleration disabled when Hyper-V is enabled.




      I see similar regression in 4th Generation Intel Graphics HD 4600 where in there's no graphics acceleration once Hyper-V is enabled. This is true of latest driver version on Windows 10 Creator Update (build 1703).
      Laptop is hp Envy 17 Touchsmart j102TX with dual graphics (Intel HD 4600 + Nvidia GT 750M). Processor Core i7 4702MQ. RAM:16 GB.

      That said driver version does work fine in this regard. So regression must have been introduced between this version and


      I reported the exact issue for HD 520 (Skylake) sometime last year, and I see subsequent driver versions have fixed the issue. As of this writing HD 4000 (IvyBridge), HD 520 (Skylake) and HD 620 (Kabylake) driver versions behave really well as far as enabling Hyper-V is concerned with latest Windows build.
      So, thought your engineering team might be interested in this known issue and be able to resolve it.