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    Where can I download the SLAM library for the ZR300?




      TLDR: Cannot find a public download link for the realsense slam library for linux.


      bought ZR300 .. check

      updated and patched kernel ... check

      installed librealsense from github and ran examples ... check

      installed realsense sdk from github ... check

      installed realsense_samples from github ... fails:


      ~/realsense/realsense_samples/samples/slam_tutorial_1_web/cpp/main.cpp:9:36: fatal error: librealsense/slam/slam.h: No such file or directory

      #include <librealsense/slam/slam.h>


      Where can I get this file / the SLAM library?


      This file is not in any of the public packages.  The following link suggest to install librealsense-slam-dev

      GitHub - IntelRealSense/realsense_samples_ros: Sample code illustrating how to develop ROS applications using the Intel®…


      Somewhere i found link to securewiki.ith.intel.com but this is also inaccessible.


      Another thread:

      Re: Error when attempting to install librealsense - ZR300 Ubuntu 16.04

      directs users to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~halton-huo/+archive/ubuntu/realsense/+sourcepub/7140881/+listing-archive-extra

      but this site only has an archive with the a binary blob. Does this mean the SLAM is closed source?

      Since the the platform here is not ubuntu or yocto linux (binaries available in this package) this could

      be problematic.