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    What's the equivalent of pmdGet3DCoordinates for Intel RealSense 3D camera (SR300)?


      I previously asked this question in a broader setting and also received a broad reply. I would need the specific answer to this one as I am confused how I can create an xyzmap using the realsense and opencv:

      I am trying to write the similar code for a PMD camera now for an Intel RealSense 3D camera (SR300). However, I can't find a method that does the same thing in the realsense SDK. Is there a hack for this or what do you suggest?

      pmdGet3DCoordinates(PMDHandle hnd, float * data, size_t size);

      an example usage is:

      float * cartesianDist = new float[nRows*nCols*3]; res = pmdGet3DCoordinates(hnd, cartesianDist, nCols*nRows*3*sizeOf(float));

      I need this function in order to create an xyzmap as in the code below:

      int res = pmdGet3DCoordinates(hnd, dists, 3 * numPixels * sizeof(float)); xyzMap = cv::Mat(xyzMap.size(), xyzMap.type(), dists);