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    Cannot access KVM for remote control using vPro on Dell System




      We have purchased 11 Dell Optiplex 7450 systems.  These particular systems were selected and configured specifically for being able to perform out of band management.  We need remote KVM and storage redirection.


      The documentation from Dell is abysmal.  Dell ProSupport was not at all helpful.  I downloaded and read through several Intel documents.  I would like to get these systems configured and deployed without a provisioning server.  I prepared a USB key with the Intel SCS Console.  I then provisioned the system with the USB key.  I can connect to the system's web interface at port 16992 and see the system information.


      When I attempt to connect to the system with VNC, I cannot establish a connection.  I am attempting to do this while the PC is sitting at either the BIOS screen or the MEBx screen, so I know there is no firewall issue.


      I see no other documentation that I can reference and I am stuck trying to get this implemented.  I would appreciate some assistance in getting these systems configured and deployed.


      Thank You.