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    Video Stutter- Choppy Playback Issue HP LAPTOP


      There's a serious issue with my laptop which I have been trying to solve from last 6 months! Despite of the decent specs, video playback suffers stuttering in every media player, for ref. I have tried Windows Media Player, VLC, MP4-HC, Films&TV, KMPlayer. The noticeable point is that KMPlayer alone till this time was playing all videos smoothly but its recent update is also witnessing the same problem. I am not sure but maybe KMP was using NVIDIA GPU to decode.I have read hundreds of threads and discussions, I have set Windows power option in PERFORMANCE mode, Intel HD Graphics in PERFORMANCE mode, tried almost 10 different Intel HD Graphics Drivers, have tried every possible way out but it’s all in vain. My laptop is facing this right from the day I purchased it, now it’s going to be a year trying to resolve this issue. I even installed KLIte Codec Pack but could not help myself. Explaining how the video stutters, it stops momentarily for 0.5-1 sec along with the audio at random places in a normal 720p or 1080p video. This happens for 5-10 times in a normal 5 Min video which believe me, is very annoying. (I normally use .mp4 format vids). Mine research in all these days lead me to terms like 'motion judder' (My display has only 2 freq. settings 40hz/60hz. Another possible reason maybe that my INTEL 5500 graphics card supports only up to DirectX 11.1, but runtime version is 12, coz I have a 5th gen processor. My friends' laptops have a 6th gen processor and so, they don't have this issue. But I can't be too sure as they have 720p display compared to my 1080p display which can be a cause too.  I need urgent aid regarding this issue, I don't even know whether I should contact MICROSOFT, or INTEL or HP! I am taking simultaneous helps now though. Laptop Specs- COREi5 5200u , 4GB Ram, NVIDIA 940m 2GB, 1Tb 5400RPM HDD, WIN 10 x64@, 1080p,60hz. Please see to the issue asap and oblige me. And Believe me, simple remedies aren’t going to work, I have tried each one of them.

      I have previously used Intel Corei3 and Pentium Duo systems with 2GB rams and no dedicated GPUs, still they played FHD vids flawlessly. This issue is surely not due to incapable hardware.

      I tried SiSandra Software Lite Benchmarking tool which clearly stated that INTEL 5500 Graphics Driver was performing poorly in VIDEO TRANSCODING tests in my laptop as compared to its ratings.

      Awaiting some effective answers and suggestions.

      HP Pavillion Ab-205TX LAPTOP.

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